This is a 12V DC momentary mode On and Off remote control. Each button controls ON and OFF at one polarity. You can hold one button to turn on, and turn it off by releasing it. The other button will do the same on a reversed polarity, hold it to turn on, release it to turn off. The package contains one receiver and two key-chain style handsets.

Wiring Instructions
  • The two WHITE wires are 12V DC output. Either of the wires will serve as ground and light wire depends on which polarity is chosen.
  • The BLUE wire is antenna wire. The RED and BLACK wires are 12V DC wires. The two white wires are the 12 V DC output - since this relay unit switches polarity, either wire can be the ground or the live wire depending on the status of the unit. The blue wire is the antenna wire. The red wire is the 12 V DC input wire and the black wire is the input power ground wire.

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Logisys 12V Momentary Polarity Switchable Remote Control (RM03M)

  • Brand: Logisys
  • Product Code: RM03M
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $25.99