•  Innovation Cooling Diamond "7 Carat" Thermal Compound - 1.5 Grams
IC Diamond 7 Carat Thermal Compound maximizes thermal heat transfer between the CPU core and heatsink by taking advantage of diamond's superior thermal conductivity

Purified synthetic diamond has a thermal conductivity of 2,000-2,500 W/mK compared to 406-429 W/mK for pure silver.

Diamond's five times better thermal conductivity compared to silver makes it a superior heat transfer material for cooling high performance CPUs and is electrically non-conductive and non-capacitive.

Application: IC Diamond is composed mostly of diamond powder, and as such is quite thick. Proper application is critical to optimum performance. Squeeze onto the center of the CPU an amount of IC Diamond compound about the size of a pea - the center of the CPU is where most heat is concentrated. Place the heatsink on the CPU and push down to spread IC Diamond over the CPU's surface. Clamp the heatsink and power up the PC.

Curing Time: IC Diamond requires minimal time to attain peak performance; in most cases, IC Diamond will reach peak performance after two hours of use.

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Innovation Cooling Diamond "7 Carat" Thermal Compound - 1.5 Grams

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