The FrozenCPU RingPuk 10 LED Lighting Module puts out an impressive amount of light and the ring shape makes for a cool UFO pattern. Even with 10 LEDs blazing away, the device still produces minimal heat and since it comes with a 4-pin pass-through power cable, you can daisy-chain tons of the RingPuks together!


  • Small Size - Big Light!
  • Cool UFO shape and light pattern
  • Low heat output
  • Easy to install
  • 4-pin pass-through power cable - daisy-chain multiple RingPuks together!
Life Span: 200,000 hrs (almost 23 years!)
Power: < 72 mA @ 12 Volts DC
Voltage / Amperage: 12-14 Volts DC
Dimensions: 3" Diameter x 3/8" Height

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RingPuk 10 LED Lighting Module (Red)

  • Product Code: LIT-138
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  • $12.95