The ModRight CableRight 24-pin PSU Tester Cable is a great solution to testing out those pesky PSUs paying around. Quick and easy you just plug it up to the power supply and hold down the button. If the PSU fan spins your in business!This cable is also very handy for those liquid cooling enthusiasts. Once attached to the psu, you can hold the button down to activate the pump and leave nothing plugged in to your hardware keeping your goods safe. This cable definitely makes priming and refilling a liquid system a breeze!

Note This switch is momentary. It must be held in the down position to complete the circuit.

Length: 31"

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ModRight CableRight 24-pin PSU Tester / Liquid Cooling Priming Cable with On/Off Switch

  • Brand: ModRight
  • Product Code: CAB-177
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $5.99