This proven premixed formula is a step ahead in EKWB product research and offer. Coolant is suitable for mixed copper, brass, steel, nickel and aluminum cooling loops, providing best value/performance ratio.

Ekoolant is the result of latest vigorous experiments on performance and influence, and contains best components which offer optimal protection from corrosion, yet allowing maximum cooling performance.

It's pureness, proper viscousness and low chemical content makes it an excellent and best suitable coolant any PC watercooling system.

The highly automated and advanced bottle filling equipment guarantees you exact volume according to the European Directive 76/211/EEC.

The printed numbers on top of the bottle allows each series to be tracked and show when the coolant was fllled.

Material Safety Data Sheet

As all other non-conductive liquids on the market, this coolant will become conductive and loose its characteristics if it comes in contact with other liquids or dust. It hence is advisable to keep your system free of dust and other particles.

EKWB is not to be held responsible for any damages to hardware. User agrees to using at own risk.

EKWB recommend proper flushing of all previously used watercooling components in order to minimize the risk of discolouring of EKoolant.

Ekoolant already contains an anti-algae additives. Therefore we do not recommend adding of any extra anti-algae or anti-microbial agents. The addition of any other substances may result in a chemical reaction, which can cause dye breakdown and clogging which can harm your system.


  • low electrical conductivity
  • extra pure distilled/deonized water of electrical conductivity of 1µS/cm used for the coolant
  • includes additives against algae and corrosion
  • high quality concentrated pigments lead to intense, vivid and saturated colors
  • not aggressive towards acrylic, acetal, rubber or other gasket materials
  • ecologically friendly (85% degredable in 30 days)
  • ROHS compliant
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Size: 1 Liter/1000 mL

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EKWB EKoolant Premium Coolant (Blue)

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