Slip Stream 120 DB is the newest addition to the Slip Stream Series known for extreme quietness and powerful performance in the market. The dual ball bearing technology works by reducing friction and thus less wear and tear. Moreover, it is less sensitive to dust. That translates into longer lifespan, 10 times more than conventional bearings. Furthermore, the principle of small hub and large rotor blades was maintained, which leads to a 20 -40% higher airflow compared to fans with a traditional hub. The five different speed versions provide a wide range of applications and guarantee excellent performance at optimum operating temperatures at all times.



The new Slip Stream 120 DB fans use 2 high precision ball bearings instead of a plain bearing. As a result of the small contact surface between the tread and balls, the friction and the wear of the bearing could be reduced significantly. This benefits the durability and reliability of the fan, which is reflected in an excellent MTBF of 350,000 hours. Another advantage of the new ball bearing is shown in a lifetime of smooth running together with a practically noise-free fan operation in marked contrast to plain bearing models.


Increased air flow rate

Based on its predecessors, the Slip Stream 120 DB Series inherits the smaller fan hub resulting in a larger flow area and an increased air flow at the same speed compared to fans with conventional hubs.


Accessories are included to give users the option to dampen the vibration. An enclosed adapter allows direct connection to the power supply. The cable management is simplified thanks to an extra long 50cm cable which eliminates the need for extensions.

Air Flow: 24.50 CFM (41.62 m³/h) / 40.17 CFM (68.24 m³/h) / 68.54 CFM (116.4 m³/h) / 88.11 CFM (149.8 m³/h) / 110.31 CFM (198.39 m³/h)
Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
Model Name: Slip Stream 120 DB
Model Number: SY1225DB12SL / SY1225DB12L / SY1225DB12M / SY1225DB12H / SY1225DB12SH
MTBF: 350,000 Hours
Noise: 7.5 / 10.7 / 24 / 33 / 37 dBA
Static Pressure: 500 rpm / 0.12mm H₂O / 1.18 Pa **** 800 rpm / 0.34mm H₂O /3.33 Pa **** 1200 rpm / 0.92mm H₂O / 9.02 Pa **** 1600 rpm / 1.46mm H₂O / 14.32 Pa **** 1900 rpm / 2.30mm H₂O / 22.56 Pa
Weight: 118 g
Fan Speeds: 500 / 800 / 1,200 / 1,600 / 1,900 rpm (±10%)
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Connector: 3-Pin (4-Pin Molex Adaptor included)

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Scythe Slip Stream 120DB (SY1225DB12H)

  • Brand: Scythe
  • Product Code: SY1225DB12H
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